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Mission statement

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MANTECH International is a successful foreign trade sourcing company located in Karachi, Pakistan. Starting a foreign trade sourcing business that could offer a good range of products was our prime objective. Creating good relationships with customers and suppliers was another most important aim. Because MANTECH International works with the prime objective of always giving customers and suppliers maximum satisfaction, the company has, since its establishment in 1999, built up a unique system of creating long-term relationships. This combination of business friendly approach, cordial relations at home and abroad, speed, availability and accessibility has won the company a good and stable reputation in the local and international market place. This is something we are very proud of!

MANTECH International is primarily a foreign trade sourcing company dealing with a wide range of industrial products, raw materials, consumables and replacement/spare parts. Being an independent foreign trade sourcing company, MANTECH International is able to offer multiple options / brands to its customers giving them freedom to pick and choose. Nevertheless, MANTECH International feels its prime responsibility to ensure and guarantee quality product at a reasonable price and delivery in time.  

Besides private sector MANTECH International have strong association with Public Sector Organizations. MANTECH International has concluded a number of contracts with the assistance of its foreign trade partners. MANTECH International represents a number of local and foreign manufacturers and their authorized representatives.


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