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MANTECH International is handling a diversified range of industrial supplies, raw materials, consumables and replacement parts. Just to form a small Product List we are naming some of the products which we can source for you from any part of this beautiful world according to your requirement and preference:

  1. Aluminium Ingot & Alloys

  2. Automation Spares

  3. Bearings for Rolling Mills

  4. Bricks & Blocks for Steel Industry

  5. Chemicals for Pharmaceutical & Textile industries                                          

  6. Conveyor Belts

  7. Crane Rail and Rail for Railways

  8. Electronic Equipments and Spares

  9. Electronic Instruments

  10. Ferro Alloys

  11. Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals

  12. Fuse 

  13. Gears and Couplings etc.

  14. Graphite Electrodes

  15. Grinding Wheels

  16. Laboratory Equipment

  17. Lifting Equipment

  18. Load Cells

  19. Metal Sheets

  20. Working Tools , Shear Blades, Metal Slitting Cutters, Knives, and Components

  21. NDT Equipment

  22. Pipes & Pipe Fittings

  23. Pipes and Fittings

  24. Radiation Materials

  25. Railway and Crane Rails

  26. Refractories for Steel Industry

  27. Rolling Mill Rolls

  28. Springs

  29. Temperature Recorders

  30. Thermocouples

  31. Thyristors

  32. Transmission Parts                                                 

  33. Transmitters

  34. Valves

Simply let us have your specifications, quantity, target price and required brand or preferred country of origin. Rest is our responsibility. We shall not only quote our most competitive prices in Foreign Currency immediately but also ensure shortest possible delivery period. Thus, saving your precious time and money both. For any queries, we are just a call away to provide you full advantage of our specialization in foreign trade sourcing. At the same time, you will be enjoying all benefits of DIRECT IMPORT.


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